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SJB US offer financial advice for UK and dual-nationals who are resident in the United States. If you are looking for proven professionalism and attention to detail to help you achieve your financial aspirations, consider SJB US today.

With an international approach along with an in-depth technical and practical understanding of financial planning considerations in the US, we believe we offer a unique service, especially for British individuals living in the US. We work with clients across the world and have our head office in Spain.

The SJB US Approach

There are 1.3 million Brits living in the United States and what we do at SJB US is bring together the management of UK and US assets taking into account the relevant cross-border regulatory opportunities and restrictions. The change from UK financial services to a US equivalent can be something of a rude awakening and our job is to create a holistic plan that caters your own personalized plan.

Whatever your financial needs and regardless of whether you are single, married or with a family, we can cater for you to ensure you have a higher likelihood of achieving your retirement and financial planning goals. We provide unrivalled customer service and competitive fees from qualified advisers.


Every adviser working for SJB US is registered with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) holding their Series 65 License. These experienced advisers bring broad knowledge sets and adhere to robust ethical practices to help you outline a clear financial plan based on your own needs and circumstances. We are a young, experienced, passionate team that strives to create a better world by trading ethically and putting clients first.


SJB Global is an independently owned company, which helps us to always act in the interest of our clients, rather than any shareholders or outside interests. The institutions we choose to work with are based in some of the most highly regulated and tax-efficient jurisdictions worldwide, and with some of the highest credit ratings and reputations.


SJB US is a young, innovative and dynamic independent financial advice provider with a truly global outlook. As specialists in the field, we provide a unique cross border advice service between the UK and the US, enabling us to tailor your own plan to your own situation.

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